Apr 10

The Early Bird…

The importance of being early

It’s always a good idea to be on time and even early. I have found that living in NYC has forced me to be early to my gigs because you never know what sort of train malfunction or traffic situation you are going to be in. I live in Brooklyn and the commute is typically a 45-minute train ride. However, you can count on something always going wrong in NYC. This is why I like to give myself another hour JUST IN CASE. An hour might be overdoing it, but I would much rather be too early on-set than just-in-time. It creates a lot of stress for me, stress that I do not need in this already stressful career. If I can limit that stress in any way I will. Besides, being early is sort of fun! It gives you the opportunity to scope out the location, get a coffee and think about the coming shoot.

A production is a very time sensitive industry. Many people are involved in the scheduling of productions and there is always a push to get everything done in one day. This involves a lot of multiple things working cohesively in order for deadlines to be met. You do not want to be the cog in the wheel that slows everything down. This is especially true if you are just getting to know the crew and make a good impression. People who are late, make a terrible impression and sometimes you are immediately hated/shunned. They won’t tell you in person because they need you for that shoot, but be sure that they probably won’t hire you again. In an industry that relies on a personal recommendation, this could be your death note. Maybe I’m over exaggerating about being so early. I know of certain individuals in the industry who are constantly late and still manage to get jobs. I’m not saying you can’t do it, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t.…..Ever.